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MWPA 2017 Boys Tournaments

Results of the Shoot Out at the Lakeshore Tournament

Friday, September 8, 2017
 Grand HavenWest Ottawa
4:00 PMGrand Haven B05Saline Hudsonville131West Ottawa
4:50 PMGrand Haven811Rockford Zeeland96E Kentwood
5:40 PMOkemos85Grandville E Grand Rapids121Grand Ledge
6:30 PMJenison63Bham Seaholm AA Huron810Hudsonville
7:20 PMGrand Haven140Saline Holt/E.L.144West Ottawa
8:10 PMJenison123Grand Haven B E Grand Rapids73E Kentwood
Saturday, September 9, 2017
 Grand HavenWest Ottawa
8:00 AMGrand Haven46Okemos AA Huron914Holt/E.L.
8:50 AMRockford114Saline Grand Ledge1422Zeeland
9:40 AMGrandville412Bham Seaholm AA Huron197West Ottawa
10:30 AMJenison26Okemos Hudsonville203Grand Ledge
11:20 AMGrand Haven B610Bham Seaholm Zeeland73E Grand Rapids
12:10 PMGrandville126Saline E Kentwood139West Ottawa
1:00 PMJenison610Rockford Holt/E.L.124E Grand Rapids
1:50 PMGrand Haven113Bham Seaholm Grand Ledge712E Kentwood
2:40 PMGrand Haven B98Grandville AA Huron127Zeeland
3:20 PMOkemos512Rockford Hudsonville54Holt/E.L.
5:00 PMJenison98AA Huron Saline106Grand Ledge
5:50 PMGrand Haven103Zeeland Grandville716West Ottawa
6:40 PMOkemos57Holt/E.L. Grand Haven B211E Kentwood
7:30 PMRockford118Hudsonville Bham Seaholm54E Grand Rapids