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Director of Officials, Brad Silverman

Michigan high school water polo contests are played using the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Water Polo Rules, which are published in the back of the Swimming and Diving Rules book.

These rules are not published online. You may order the Swimming, Diving, & Water Polo Rules from Rule books at $6.95 each, with a $10.00 minimum product order.

2010-2011 NFHS Rule Changes Summary can be downloaded here: 2011-2012 Rule Changes (pdf)

2010-2011 NFHS Water Polo Instructions to Referees and Points of Emphasis for Coaches and Referees can be downloaded here: 2011-2012 Points of Emphasis (pdf)

2010-2011 NFHS Casebook has examples of different situations that can arise during a game and what the outcome is. The casebook can be download here: 2011-2012 NFHS Casebook (pdf)

Call for Officials!

We would like to have more referees available to officiate high school competition. If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact the Director of Officials to learn how.

Compensation for Officials

At the Spring 2012 MWPA Business Meeting, a recommended schedule for officials' compensation was proposed and passed. The details of this schedule can be found in the MWPA Policies document, and an extract of this section of the Policies can be found in the document 2012 Officials Proposal.

The Director of Officials

The Director of Officials is your resource for information about officiating in Michigan – to request a referee clinic in your area, to voice your suggestions on improving the Referees area of the MWPA website, and for any other questions about refereeing or the playing rules. Please contact him for your further officiating needs.

MWPA Relationship with Officials

The Michigan Water Polo Association (MWPA) serves referees by offering training clinics, by establishing playing rules and any approved modifications for all participants, and by assigning officials for the District, Regional, and State Championship Tournaments. Neither MWPA nor any of its officers employ officials in any capacity. Referees are hired (generally as independent contractors) by host institutions for each contest, which are responsible for payment. In some circumstances, other individuals or groups may serve to assign referees to games or league schedules.